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Weather Data- 6th Grade

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You are going to collect and graph the weather data for the first two months of school to help you understand more about the factors that impact how your garden grew this fall.  You will use this data in Mrs. Denham's science class.


1. Create a new GoogleDoc Sheet (My drive- create- sheet)

2. Name your sheet "Weather Data"

3. Open a new tab and go to the website www.weather.com

4. In the search bar type "Davidson, NC"

5. On the left-hand side of the website, click on "Monthly"- you will be using the data from September and October

6. Copy the entire spreadsheet shared on this link

     Highlight the entire spreadsheet by clicking on the left-hand corner button between the "A" and the "1". 
     To copy use "Command-C"

7. Paste spreadsheet into your Weather Data document by clicking on the left-hand corner and pressing "Command-V"


Format Headings:

a) Highlight first row by clicking on the "1" cell

b) Make the font bold by clicking the "B" button

c) Click on "Format- Align- Center" to make the text centered

d) Click on "Format- Wrap Text" to make the text fill in the cells and not spill over


Add Dates to Column A:

a) In Cell A1: write the date 9/1/2014

b) In Cell A2: write the date 9/2/2014

c) Highlight both boxes then drag through to cell A31 (this will create the consecutive dates in each of the cells)


Fill in the Data for 10/20/2014- current date:

a) Use the information on weather.com to fill out the high temperature, low temperature, and rainfall


Calculate Range:

a) In Cell F2 write the command "=(B2-C2)"

b) Highlight & drag through cell F31

c) In Cell F33 write the command "=(B33-C33)"

d) Highlight & drag through cell F58


Calculate Average:

a) In Cell B65 write the command "=AVERAGE(B2:B31)

b) In Cell B66 write the command "=AVERAGE(B33:B58)

c) In Cell C65 write the command "=AVERAGE(C2:C31)

d) In Cell C66 write the command "=AVERAGE(C33:C58)


Calculate Total Rainfall:

a) In Cell E65 write the command "=SUM(E2:E31)

b) In Cell E66 write the command "=SUM(E33:E58)


Create Graph:

September High & Low Temps

a) Highlight Column A1-A31 through C1-C31

b) Click on "Insert- Chart"


September Rainfall

a) Highlight Column D1-D31 through E1-E31

b) Click on "Insert- Chart"


October High & Low Temps

a) Highlight Column A33-A58 through C33-C58

b) Click on "Insert- Chart"


October Rainfall

a) Highlight Column D33-D58 through E33-E58

b) Click on "Insert- Chart"



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