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  Syedgull's Math Wiki

This are the project that we do in math club .  

Is Anyone Typical? Project



1. What were your survey questions?

     Numerical Data: How many  siblings do you have?
     Categorical Data: What kinds of pets do you have?


2. Who did you survey?  What group of students and how many?

I ask my class the questions and there where 10 students. 


3. Which graphs did you chose for each survey question and why?

     Numerical Data: Bar graph because you can see how much each one has.

     Categorical Data: Circle graph because it shows how much percent for each category.


4. For the numerical data- calculate the following:





    What is the outlier? no outlier


*Do this with and without the outlier(s).


5. Write a paragraph describing what your data means about the "typical" student group you surveyed.  Do this for each set of data.






Proportion Project

First we measured ourselves and recorded the data.

Second, we calculated our ratios based on da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.

Lastly, we made a double bar graph and circle graph to show our data.



1.  I match Da Vinci's length of hand to height.

2 I think my proportion would change.

3 Its easier to see the differences.


Link for Google Spreadsheet on Proportion Word Problem




Car Project

In the car project we found our drum car and  realistic car and then we

found how much  it cost . 




realistic   car ; Toyota Corolla 2015 $19.145




Dream Car: 2014 Chevy Malibu $22,340


Greek Mathematician Project

we read about some good people how have dun good things in history.





thales (1).doc


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katieverlin said

at 2:42 pm on Oct 29, 2014

Syedgull- Looks great! I really like your car project! Keep up the great work!
-Mrs. Verlin :)

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