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Hello! Welcome to my math page! One cool thing about me is that I love animals. I have a horse, Forrest, a dog, Butter, two cats, L.C. and Gidget, and twelve chickens that give us fresh eggs! :D 


Math in the Movies Project:



Here are some answers to the required questions about the movies if you want more info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HuOg6aChypXl7FO8Ckh7R5zPaksgzhqLDrbN1kjbPhQ/edit


Water, Water, Water Project:

In this project we calculated the amount of water us and our families use daily and where that water comes from. Once we calculated where our water came from we also calculated what percent of it is used as you will see in these charts. Enjoy! 



Here is the link for my Google Doc if you want more info: 



Here is also a link to my analysis question answers:




This is the population density of Japan in all their cities:

This is the population growth in Thailand over time:



Here is my misleading graph: (It seems nasty I know but I was into jelly beans at the time).


 Here are the answers to the questions if you want more info about the chart: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1btTJwdvT7tzI-WDxm5GfdJJ3gb2V2QKUyNdFWoop1r8/edit


The Cobweb Coat


by Mary Harris


“Bam! bam! and then bam I was in a cage!” I told my story to Puffy. “Very descriptive Fluffy,” I hated Puffy’s sarcasm. “I’m serious! That’s all I remember. It was horrible.” “Pipe down!” commanded Puffy. “What? Why?” I squealed franticly “I can hear the math teacher.” “Ok.” I stopped and listened “The base is on the bottom and the exponent is on the top. The exponent can also be called a superscriptEvaluate six to the seventh power.” “Oh that’s an easy one” chirped cricket. “Ok, answer it,” Cricket’s room mate Cricky responded. “Ok, I will, it’s 279,936.” “Ok, so you can multiply,” Cricky confessed “But I can simplify. Watch this.” “ Solve the expression 4x times 8x divided by 3b.” The teacher commanded her students. “Ha ha I’ve beaten you now Cricket.” “We’ll see about that Cricky.” “Stop bickering you two,” scolded Puffy “And start competing.” I was surprised. Puffy usually is well mannered and would never respond to a fight he wasn’t a part of. Well, he’s part of one now. I guess I would have to step in. “Whoa, whoa, hold the bird! You guys are really smart, you guys don’t need to compete to show it,” no one listened so i guess I’d have to go along. “Ok, whoever wins gets my cobweb coat.” “You wear a coat?” Puffy sounded surprised. “Yea, I’m not really white I’m brown,” “Oh, I was wondering how you stay camoflage around birds.” “Well, that’s why, now can we get moving? The praying mantis is giving Cricky that look again.” After that all there was, was term, and like term and lots of other words i didn’t understand especially the negative number equations, those always stump me. “And the final question goes to Cricket! If you get the answer wrong, Cricky shall win the cobweb coat, but if you get it right the coat is yours.” “I had no idea how good an announcer Puffy was! “and the question is: -8 divided by 24 (6 multiplied by 5) equals…” Cricket was hesitant but answered with: “ninety?” “And the answer is … correct!” I pulled the velvety web off my slim and spiny body. “Ok Cricket, here is your prize,” that little insect leaped around playing his fiddle and said “Give the coat to Cricky, it’s too girly for me. Cricky eyed Cricket for a while to see if he would take it back, but he didn’t. I guess pride is the best prize there is.

the end.











like term







Math Riddles: (Answers in red!)


You have three triplets, two twins, and four quadruplets, how many people do you have?



There are four people and a river and one canoe. These four people need to get to the other side of the river within seven-teen minutes (They all have to be there and press the non self destruct button or else the world will explode). Only two people can fit in the canoe. Each time a person reaches the other side of the river with the canoe one person has to take the canoe back. One person takes one minute, another person takes two minutes, another person takes five minutes, and the other person takes ten minutes. How do they get across?


1 min. and 2 min. go across (2 min.), 1 min. comes back (1 min.), 5 min. and 10 min. go across (10 min.), 2 min. comes back (2 min), 1 min. and 2 min. go across (2 min.), press the button and saves the world.


There are eight balls. One ball weighs more than the rest. There is one scale, you can only use it twice. How do you find the heavier ball?

You take six balls and put three on each side, if they are even you throw them out and weigh the other two, OR you take six balls put three on each side and one weighs more, you throw out the other three and put two of the other three on it one weighs more voila! OR they weigh the same, you would be holding the heavier one.



Math Jokes:

























my dream car:

a Mercedes-benz SLS AMG



This car is $199,500!!!!


This is my realistic car:

a Toyota Tundra



This car is only $25,600 :)


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