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Page history last edited by Jacob 5 years, 5 months ago

-= Welcome to JacobB's Math Page=-

This is my math page, I put all my assignments here!  

love math because Mrs.Verlin is the best teacher ever because she is nice and funny

and she also helps me understand the problems.




Car Project:

  This is my car project, I choose these cars because they're cool. One day I hope I can have both of these cars. Hope you like it! :D       



  1986 Chevrolet El Camino (realistic car)           
















Plus tax-$15,450           





2015 Corvette Stingray Convertible 2LT with Z51 Performance Package (dream car)(customized)



plus tax-$74,762.55


 Link for Car Project Spreadsheet

Greek Mathematician Project:





                                                                 404 Image not found

Just kidding, I had A TON of problems with this so i don't have it. cx

Da Vinci's Proportions


1. I matched Da Vinci's proportions with my arm span to height, top of head-bottom of chin to height, and length of foot to height.

2. Yes, because I would grow with the same proportions.

3. A double bar graph is an appropriate way to present this data because I am comparing myself to Da Vinci's perfect person.


This Graph shows what percent of the class is proportional in each area. Everyone is proportional in an area.

Is Anyone Typical


Numerical Data: How many sports have you played?

Categorial Data: What is your favorite sport?



I surveyed everyone in 6th M.



Numerical Data: I chose a line graph for numerical data because it shows a number for how many sports people played.

Categorial Data: I chose a circle graph for categorial data because it shows the percent of how many people like a sport.



Mean: 5.909

Median: 5

Mode: 5

Range: 1-9




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katieverlin said

at 2:34 pm on Oct 29, 2014

Jacob- You have done a really good job with your wiki! Great format. I love your car choices! Nice job!
-Mrs. Verlin :)

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