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kaitlyn t

Page history last edited by Kaitlyn Tallman 5 years, 5 months ago

Kaitlyn's math wiki page


 Math is important because without it we wouldn't be able to find a lot of different things like prices, tax, area, perimeter, and so on. 



Here you can find all of my math projects including, my greek mathemation and car project. Also you can find a few math jokes.






Greek mathemation





Car project




realistic car

$17,475 retail

with tax 17999.25

rate 2.34%

interest $2105.91


dream car: 2011 toyata tundra (camo)

retail price $55,000

rate 2.34%

5 yr

interest $6,628.05

with sale tax $56650














Is Our Class Porportional?



Link for Google Spreadsheet on Proportion Word Problem





click to get to survey https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15apj704ZPy8ZF2LMNC5wXOfkvZfqwe7mB39WF3KK9W4/viewform?usp=send_form


Numerical Data Question: How many pets do you have?
Categorical Data Question: What's your favorite animal?


I surveyed 9 of my classmates and myself.


Numerical Data graph: Pie chart (it displayed my data the way I wanted.)

Categorical Data graph: Bar graph (it seemed logical.)


numerical data 

 Mean: 2.9

     Median: 2 and 3

     Mode: 1


    What is the outlier? 7



I believe the tipical student has 2 to 3 pets in his or her house. The most favorited animal was the reptile but only by one.





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katieverlin said

at 2:37 pm on Oct 29, 2014

Kaitlyn- Your wiki is really coming along. Keep up the good work!
-Mrs. Verlin :)

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