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CAR PROJECT                                                  Kurt' Math Awesomeness                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          LINK TO SPREADSHEET




nissan versa price 11,990                                                 lamborghini aventador price 497, 650






















My Proportion VS. Da Vinci's Proportion





                                            2. YES           3. It goes into more detail and it is simpler to understand things.

1.We measured 

Arm span to height
Elbow- tip of hand to height
Length of hand to height
Top of head bottom of chin to height
Length of foot to height
Length of ear to face












The circle graph represents the number of students who are proportional in different subjects. This shows the percentage of students who match da vinci proportion.


The reason for this is to have a fun project on proportion while learning about the renaissance, while practicing proportions.



Bonus info: Some other math inventions in renaissance are 




Info on some mathematicians: William Oughtred: Invented the slide rule. Filippo Brunelleschi: Invented linear perspective. Rene Descartes: His famous quote:  Thus, all Philosophy is like a tree, of which Metaphysics is the root, Physics the trunk, and all the other sciences the branches that grow out of this trunk, which are reduced to three principals, namely, Medicine, Mechanics, and Ethics. By the science of Morals, I understand the highest and most perfect which, presupposing an entire knowledge of the other sciences, is the last degree of wisdom. Pascal: he wrote a significant treatise on the subject of projective geometry at the age of 16, and later corresponded with Pierre de Fermaton probability theory, strongly influencing the development of modern economics and social science. Following Galileo and Torricelli, in 1646, he refuted Aristotle's followers who insisted that nature abhors a vacuum


Renaissance 6th Grade Survey:   Numerical question: How many siblings do you have?

Categorical Question: Which continent would you live in?

I surveyed: The whole 6th grade renaissance.

Numerical graph: I choose Bar graph because the bar graph looked more professional.  Categorical graph: I choose this because it's the easiest graph to understanoutlier


With outlier





Without outlier






I think the reason 3/4 chose europe is because most of their ancestry came from europe and Italy is in europe where lamborghini and ferrari is based. Another reason might be is that europe is eco-friendly.


I think it's typical because in america the average amount of luck of siblings is 2,3.

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