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Hi it's Lily's wiki!!

Math may no teach me how to add love or subtract hate but it gives me hope that every problem has a solution.


                                                           Math Jokes 





Where does our water come from? (or)

Water, water, water Project


In this project first we collected the amount of water our family uses. Then we found the percentages for every source of water on Earth. We made a pie chart that showed where our water comes from. Then we calculated the percentages of freshwater to saline water and made a pie chart of fresh vs. sailen. Next, to see how much fresh water we get from from specific sources we created a pie chart of fresh water sources to the total amount of fresh water. This project was really fun and interesting! I learned a lot about the water we have available to us on Earth.



spreadsheet link-https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vJKXvhiKWMxqki0lp9br_68XDpiTb7oq667Ke4fr694/edit#gid=0


Question link-://docs.google.com/document/d/14TvL77fwIEid1HQMSIMr9ZUd6uRLwayXJ2yOAWMQ8i0/edit?usp=sharing

Integration: Water usage in Africa



1. Briefly summarize what you learned about your personal water usage from above as it relates to what you have researched about water usage and availability in Africa.

I learned not to take water for granted. I also learned to think about the amount of water I use because some people don’t have any water. I should try hard not to waste water because the Earth has a limited amount of usable fresh water, and we are slowly making more of it unusable by polluting the waters and air.


2. For your assigned website- write down the title of the article and include a hyperlink to the website.  Then write down 5 facts that you learned from this article that are relevant to what we have been researching.


Rural and Urban Water Issues in Africa


-In 2006 only 59% of the world’s population had access to adequate sanitation systems.

- In 2004 only 16% of people in sub-Saharan Africa had access to drinking water through a household connection.

-Surface water is highly polluted and unclean.

-Ground water is the best source to provide fresh, clean water to rural Africa.

- As a result of dehydration, malnutrition, and water borne disease, young children in rural Africa die every day.






Math in the Movies




a.the difference between Frozen's and The Little Mermaid's gross is 398,807,348.75

b.Frozen grossed 400,493,210  from opening weekend to the final documented gross.

c.The average running time in minutes)of my 5 movies is 92.4 mins.

d. My favorite animated movie of all time is frozen.



Japan Population projet 9/18/14

     Reflection Questions:

1. The line of best fit is not linear, because it is not straight.


2. It looks the way it does , because the rate of population growth increased overtime.

Until the 1950s it was kind of slow.




 Car project





Price: $10,500 pink mini copper (realistic car)

total cost:$11,287.5  Monthly payment: $209.04 


price:$37,000 (dream car) mint green porsche

total cost:$39,775  monthly payments: $735.07 


I would get both of my cars eyelashes they cost 12.99$


Here are my charts:


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