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Camille V

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 CC's Wiki

Math is important to me because almost every thing you do you need math. Also you use it every day. I love that in math you can find a exact answer to the question you are working on and that their is always a logical explanation. On this wiki you will find my 6th Grade Math projects.

Is anyone typical?


                         5)  In my data the word typical means the most regular or the mode of the data.


 In my Categorical Data the favorite candy (typical answer or mode) was 

                       Snickers and Kit Kats. This means (no pun intended) that the typical 6R student likes

                   Snickers or Kit Kats. There was no outlier in this data.


In my Numerical Data the mode/typical amount of countries

that 6R has been to is 2 countries. This means (no pun intended) that the

 typical 6R student has been to 2 countries. The outlier of this data is 12 countries. 





Analysis Questions:


1) What were your survey questions?


  Numerical Data:How many countries has 6R been to?
 Categorical Data: 6R Favorite candy.


2) Who did you survey?  What group of students and how many? I surveyed 6R.(my class) There are 11 people in my class.

( in my survey I didn't include myself so the survey is of 10 people)


3) Which graphs did you chose for each survey question and why?


Numerical Data: I chose a pie graph because it shows 1oo% of data, and my classmates represent 100% of the data.

 Categorical Data: I used a bar graph because it is used to display,compare and count data. Also I wanted for the comparison to be evident.


4a)For the numerical data- calculate the following:

(this is with the outliers 8 and 12)

     Mean: 5

     Median: 3

     Mode: 2


    What is the outlier? The outlier is 12 countries.


4b) For the numerical data- calculate the following:

(this is without the outlier)



     Mode: 2











Da Vinci's Proportions.

This projects proportions are based on the Da Vinci Vitruvian man. First I measured 

myself ,and recored that data. Next I calculated the ratios. then I compared my ratio to the

Vitruvian man ratios. Lastly I made a chart. 

1)Which areas did you match Da Vinci's ideal proportions? I matched Da Vinci's proportions with Length of ear to face. 2) If you measured yourself in 5 years, do you think that your proportions would change? Yes,

 I do think my proportions would change because I am still growing. 

3)Why is a double bar graph an appropriate way to present this data?A double graph is an appropriate way to present this                            data because you can compare the proportions easily. 



My pie graph represents the average percent of people (in my class of twelve)

that are proportional and not proportional to Da Vinci's ideal proportions. It also 

shows that everyone isn't perfect ,nor do they have to be. 


Proportion word Problem


Link for Google Spreadsheet on Proportion Word Problem 








Car Project

In this project you will find my realistic car on top that had to be under $20,000. You will also find my dream-car witch Mrs Verlin said "The sky is the limit". I found the interest paid over 5 years, the sales tax and the total cost of the car for both the Dream and Realistic car. The link on the page leads to my Car Project math. 


Link for my car project: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iG2qXThsUBm-gGshsbafrh7D7aQCpq119z3yQfZCXek/edit?usp=sharing


This car is $19,595 without tax  






Greek Mathematician 



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CC- Great job with your wiki! It's really coming together nicely! Keep it up!
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