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Page history last edited by Benjamin Vaughan 6 years, 3 months ago

Benjamin's Math Wiki Page

     Math is important in all of life because you use it in your jobs

to figure things out. Math can also be really fun to do. There 

are math games and activities. This math wiki page is for displaying 

projects and math jokes and current events going on in

math class.



Greek Mathematician Wanted Poster

In this project we had to study and make a wanted poster

about a mathematician that we pulled out of a hat. Than we

studied them and found out how they contributed to the society 

and what they discovered in math.





 Car project

In this project we had to find a realistic car under $20,000 

and a dream car with any price. Than we had to calculate 

the APR, tax, interest over five years, and the total price of

what we would have to pay. These are the two cars I chose.



    GMC 2012 Canyon Regular Cab   

(realistic car)

Camaro convertible 2014        


                                                                        .Link to spreadsheethttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BGP4Rv90gjS8lslNk7VbrSB_imNotRVQP3lkCbhMeB8/edit?usp=sharinj         _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


   Da Vinci Proportions

  In this project we had to measure ourselves and then we did the math to see if we made Da Vinci's ideal proportions.Then we made a double bar graph to show the data. Then we surveyed the class to see who was proportional and then made a circle graph.



1. In no way shape or form did I meat Da Vinci's ideal proportions.

2. If I measured myself in five years, I think that my proportions would only change a little. 

3.A double bar graph is an appropriate way to present this data because there are two categories so the two bars show the two different categories so you can compare them.

This graph represents the percent of people in the class that meet Da Vinci's ideal proportions. 


                                                                                    Is Any One Typical?

I found out that most sixth grade students own either 9, 0, or 3 pets. Compared to other grades I think this is typical. All accept the nine pets, not a lot of people have nine or more pets. 

     I found out that most sixth grade students have dogs. This is pretty typical to own a dog. So compared to other schools I think it would be the same. Dogs are the pets you usually see in families.

The survey questions that I did were:

Numerical- How many pets do you have?

Categorical- What kind of pets do you have?


I surveyed the medieval group of sixth grade. I also surveyed ten people in medieval group including myself.


I chose pie chart for both because it shows all of the date you collected and puts them into a simple graph that everyone  can understand.


Numerical Data;

With outlier:

Mean-  4.09                 Without outlier:

Median- 3                  Mean- 1.57

Mode-   0                   Median-1

Range- 9                    Mode-0

Outlier- 8,9                    Range-4


                                                                           Proportion Word Problem

                                                                          Here is the link to the proportion word problem.

                                                                                                         Link for Google Spreadsheet on Proportion Word Problem


Math Humor

Just for fun! Enjoy!










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katieverlin said

at 2:27 pm on Oct 29, 2014

Ben- You are putting a lot of nice effort into your wiki! Great job! Funny jokes!
-Mrs. Verlin :)

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