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I like order of operations in math cause it is awesome!!!!

I think math is cool but can be complicated sometimes :(

I love math class because Mrs. Verlin likes to help you understand everything!

My favorite thing to do in math class is figure out problems on the white board.

On this page you will find awesome well done math projects!!


Greek Mathematician Wanted


This project is about a greek mathematician named Euclid. He created





                                                          Car Project


                                                                                                                Link for Car Project Spreadsheet




2008 Used Dodge

Price: $6,925

Tax: $207.75 

Interest paid over

                                  5 years: $852.36                                 


   1925 Rolls-Royce Ghost model

Price: $188,806

Tax: $5,664.18

Interest paid over

   5 years:





DaVinci's Proportion


This project was about DaVinci's work and research on proportions of the human body.

We found out about our bodies and its dimensions! We also studied the vitruvian man!







*I did not match up to any of Da Vinci's proportions.

*In 5 years my proportions would change A LOT!

*A double bar graph is useful for this because it compares the two numbers together.



Class Pie Chart Info/Data


This is a pie chart made from class data.

We collected how many people were proportional.

We recorded data for each category and found the overall 





Class Survey Info





Numerical Data: Number of pets

Categorical Data: Favorite shoe brand


I surveyed my sixth grade class. I surveyed ten of them so it would go into 100% easier.


Numerical Data:Pie chart

Categorical Data: Bar Graph

For numerical the pie chart captures the percentage of the whole group for each number of pets.

For categorical the bar graph show how many people like each company.






No Outlier


Mode:1 and 2






This circle graph shows that the average sixth grader has one to two pets.

If i had surveyed more students I think that it would be the same.

This is because most parents only would trust a minor with one to two

at most.There still would be some outliers though. If you surveyed

higher grades it would change because they become more responsible.


The data of the line graph shows the average sixth grader s favorite shoe brand.

We can see that the average sixth grader likes nike. This would likely stay the same with more data.

If you asked older grades the data would change dramatically because you develop 

a sense of style instead of just for running around. There is still the few outliers so to say that

like more of a style.


























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katieverlin said

at 2:35 pm on Oct 29, 2014

Jeremy- Great job with your wiki! You have done a very nice job formatting everything so that it's easy to read. Great job!
-Mrs. Verlin :)

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